Vision & Mission

By , July 28, 2009 11:54 pm

We Visualize

…a society where people, particularly women are integrally empowered to usher in sustainable development, for the improvement of their life in totality.

We Aim

…to empower the poor, the marginalised and discriminated against, the voiceless and powerless, especially women, school drop-out girls, domestic workers and women in difficult circumstances, to develop themselves socially and economically.

We Believe

…that people have the potential to shape their destiny. They have ample resources within and around them. We believe that building their capacity for mobilizing as well as properly utilizing these resources will enable them be self-reliant and live dignified lives. We believe that people are themselves agents of change… we are only facilitators towards that change.

We Desire to

  • Mobilize, organize and create awareness among women about the need for education, self-reliance and development
  • Promote social justice, economic empowermentand awareness of legal rights among women
  • Identify, increase and strengthen the leadership and decision making capacity of women particularly in the rural areas
  • Promote vocational skills for alternative means of livelihood
  • Train potential women entrepreneur to take up incomee generation activities and micro enterprises
  • Train women in natural resouces management, protection of environtment and promotion of traditional values and culture
  • Provide health education to women especially in the areas of reproductive health, hygiene and nutrition
  • Strengthen family bond to reduce instances of broken homes and single parenthood
  • Organise conferences, meeting, seminars, training, exhibitions and consultations to promote exchange of knowledge and solution of social problems

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